Before renaming, a confirmation table will appear if Confirmation is ON.

This shows how the files are to be renamed.




1) #

A checkbox to enable or disable that block of shows.


2) Showname

The show name that theRenamer used.


3) Old

The Original filename.

Click on this column opens the Folder in Windows Explorer. (Default Mode)


4) New

The New filename.

Click on this column opens the URL used in your browser. (Default Mode)


5) +

Overwrite file. By default overwrite is OFF.


To do a quick check, just look at the Showname column, if it is correct, the TV episode titles should be correct too.


Movie Mode:

In MOVIE mode, an extra button appears. 'Edit New Data'


Click 'Edit New Data' followed by the row you wish to edit.

This brings up an AKA list, where you can change the data.