№ and Yr.

Absolute Number and Air Date is only supported in theTVDB mode.

Never check both № and Yr together.


Absolute Number (№)

Used when shows DO NOT come in Season/Episode, but by running Numbers. Usually used for Anime shows.

Check it to tell theRenamer every time the show is found, use Absolute Number method.

Example: Bleach_258.DVD(xvid.aac)[KAA][C9E5A09D].mkv


Air Date (Yr.)

Used when shows DO NOT come in Season/Episode, but by Air Dates. Usually used for Talk Shows.

Check it to tell theRenamer everytime this show is found, use AirDates method.

Example: David.Letterman.2009.12.18.Tobey.Maguire.HDTV.XviD-LMAO.avi




Example Air Date file: the.colbert.report.2010.11.04.elvis.costello.720p.hdtv.x264-bff.mkv

Make sure you are using theTVDB mode.


1) Add to showname column:the colbert report

(you get this name from log line: CLEANUP_MYSHOW:the colbert report)


2) Add to IDcode column: 79274

(you get this by searching theTVDB, http://www.thetvdb.com/index.php?string=the+colbert+report&searchseriesid=&tab=listseries&function=Search)

(you only need to manually add database for Absolute Number and Air Dates files, and IF theRenamer cannot find the correct IDcode)


3) Check Yr clolumn.