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A log file is generated after each renaming session.

When a problem occurs, this is a good place to start checking what went wrong.




When something is named wrongly, these lines usually help narrow the problem:


A) TV Keyword Used:"DVD".....

This means a keyword "DVD" was found, and the rest of the filename is ignored.

Filename: My DVD Store.S01E01.avi

Words left to check will be "My ". Keyword 'DVD' and after is cut off.



The final showname that was guessed. Cleanup removes spaces, dots, dashes and other non useful characters.

If you have the showname in your database, check if it matches correctly. (including spaces at the back)


C) IDcode:75710- Skipping Google

A match of the showname is found in the database, and will force to use the IDcode for the webpage. (Ignoring Google)


D) TV mode, theTVDB URL:

Final URL used for getting the episode title.





2 other logs are generated when renaming.


Wokring Log (Show Log button):

This logs the steps taken when renaming. Useful for analyzing the steps taken to produce the new filename.


History Log:

Found in Users\<User>\Documents\theRenamer\History

Keeps last 30 days of Old and New.

To find the original filename, use a search tool and find the new filename in file contents.