Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)


Mixed Martial is unique and uses Wikipedia to list the event data.

Also, MMA is not widely watched as Action/Drama... shows. Little is done to rename MMA.


Currently, only UFC and WEC shows are supported.

Filename MUST start with the word UFC or WEC FOLLOWED BY a number to be valid.


Example: UFC 100_Making History.avi


Options to include data to the renamed file are:

Event, Date, Venue and location.  See the green preview at the top.


Ignore MMA from other site mode:

Since MMA files only works in MMA mode, you probably want to enable this.

This help skip any files that has UFC/WEC at the beginning of a filename when in other modes.


MMA Show Archive:

You can specify a special archive folder path for MMA.

If none is set, it will use the default TV Archive Folder.



When editing the paths manually, the new paths will NOT be saved.

This is done intentionally, meant for quick temporary changes.

When theRenamer starts again, it will switch back to the path that was last saved.