Renamed  Format


Choose between the 3 types of Season/Episode schemas. This will be the format after renaming.


Renamed Format:

S1E01:  The Big Bang Theory.S1E01.Pilot.avi

1x01:  The Big Bang Theory.1x01.Pilot.avi

101:  The Big Bang Theory.101.Pilot.avi


You can turn On/Off the Showname/Season or Episode Titles. See the green preview above.



Sep1 goes BEFORE Season and Sep2 goes AFTER Episode.

Only allows <spacebar>  - . _ () []


Multi-Episode: (Sep3)

For files which contain more than 1 episode (usually a 2 part show), you can set how it is renamed. See the green preview on the right. Only the first episode title is added.



The Big Bang Theory.S1E01-E02.Pilot.avi